January 19, 2015

Alex & Paige | WEDDING 12.27.2014

It was so great working with Alex and Paige and their families again for their wedding ceremony. As I had mentioned earlier, Alex and Paige got married last year in a small, intimate ceremony at the Fireside with their closest friends and family. They always knew they would renew their vows in a more formal church ceremony a year later, but this time with their big families and friends. This winter wedding was beautiful, and they could not have asked for better weather. Last year it was freezing and almost too cold to be taking pictures outside. This year, however, the weather was gorgeous and the bridal party was super cooperative being outside in the fabulous sunlight. I love that this wedding was all about Paige and Alex. It was clear that they enjoyed every moment of it. Just walking into their homes when they were getting ready both seemed giddy and nervous but their friends did a great job of distracting them throughout the morning. As the wedding approached friends and family showed up at the church welcomed by thousands of poinsettias and leftover Christmas lights from the days earlier. It made the church seem warmer than ever before - in the dead of winter. Every moment of their day was filled with joy, and I am so thankful to be apart of it once again. Congratulations to you both!


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