June 15, 2013

WEDDING | brad & brooke (05.19.2013)

Brooke and I first met when we worked together at J.Crew back in 2007. Over the years we have had our fun and left our mark on Lancaster. A few years ago, we were out to dinner with a few of our friends and there was this "new" guy. One our friend's friends from college that just moved to Lancaster - meet Brad. She might deny it and yes she tried to fight it, but there was an instant desire to know Brad more. As her early wingman in this relationship, I can tell you that Brooke was smitten from the first day. Something in her changed the moment her and Brad became official - more relaxed and happy. Which makes me happy. I know that they have both been through a lot over the past few months and life often makes decisions for us despite our own plans, but I know that these obstacles have made them stronger. Because of this, I think their wedding day was even more special. Looking through and editing these photos - I couldn't help but smile. You can see the happiness in these photos of both family and friends. I wish you both the best and I am excited to follow your journey.


 Brooke gave her grandmother her bouquet to celebrate her grandparents wedding anniversary on the same day.

Location: Avalon, NJ
(no I did not photograph her wedding. I simply brought my camera to capture candid moments)

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