August 1, 2013

PERSONAL | Hannah's Homecoming (06.05.2013)

11 years. That is the age difference between my baby sister and myself. When I graduated from high school at 18 year old, Hannah was just 7 barely in elementary school. My brother, just three years younger than myself, envisioned what it might be like one day when my little sister would graduate high school. But that was so..... very far off from now. Until June 5, when that far off fantasy became a reality. Hannah graduated with her class of about 300 students from Conestoga Valley High School. I am proud to say that I have coached her in lacrosse for four full years of high school and also 18 full years of her life. She is has not only grown to be by best friend, but also someone who I can share things with and admire. She is independent and confident. She marches to the beat of her own drum and is proud of it - as she should be. I am so happy to see her accept her diploma (through a very blurry picture), but I also am exited to see what the future holds for this promising young woman. Hannah, I love you very much and best of luck next year!

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