March 22, 2014

PERSONAL | disney world - epcot (part one)

At the end of February, we did something that we have yet to do - go on vacation. It is hard for me to get away from teaching, but last year we found of one of his best friend's from childhood was going to be getting married in Cocoa Beach, Florida. After saving up both money and time off from work we were able to get away for an extended weekend and amazing mini-vacation filled with friends family and amazing memories.

First stop: Walt Disney World.

We both have been to Disney World but the last time for me was when I was 14; he was 15. I vaguely remember the magical feeling being in Orlando, and I wondered if it was a kid thing or a Disney thing. Sure enough, its Disney thing. Right from the start I felt so welcomed and in awe of the details. I obviously took so many pictures, because I wanted to remember every part of it. That being said, I am going to break this post up into three sections.

Part of our adventure to Epcot was deciding to take a picture in every country. We did the world tour from about 12 noon to 10 p.m. We tried to take it all in. There are a total of 11 countries with various beverages and cuisine from their traditional fare. We sampled here and there and decided that we would capture the moments. Looking back, I should have known better than asking random people to photograph us with my new 50mm lens. Some are blurry, but you know what thats what makes them special.



Next up:
Epcot Part 2: The World

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