March 9, 2014

WEDDING | Alex & Paige 12.27.2013

Alex & Paige got married on a beautiful day with blue skies and a bitter frost in the air. Looking through these images, you would hardly know it was the dead of winter and that it was almost January. Both Alex & Paige and their families conquered the cold to have beautiful family portraits done. Paige wanted to make sure that she had some great images of her family before leaving Lancaster, Pa and joining her new husband in New Mexico. Alex, my cousin, is stationed in New Mexico with the Air Force. While on leave for Christmas, he and Paige made it official with a small close family ceremony at the Fireside Tavern (Old Historic Strasburg Inn) in Strasburg, Pa. There are so many beautiful images to choose from, but here is a little bit of their day. Congratulations to the both of you.




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