March 31, 2014

WEDDING | Mike & Jessie (sneak peek)

A long time ago, 12 years to be exact, I entered my freshman year of college at Penn State. On the very first day of my very first year in college, I befriended a few boys in my dorm. Mike was one of them. After four years of hanging out and a few random occasions since, I was honored to not only celebrate his wedding day but to capture it unfold though the lens. Mike is from a small town just outside of Allentown, Pa. and Jessie is from Portland, Ore. They were able to bring a little bit from the East Coast and a little bit from the West Coast into their day. Friends and family from all over the United States (Chicago, New York, DC, Oregon, etc.) and even some friends from Sweden and Rome joined in to celebrate the union of Mike and Jessie in Philadelphia. The entire day from start to finish was truly about them as a couple and every single touch was well thought out and planned. I loved being able to share part of this day with them and hopefully it shows just a sliver of what they felt too!

Here is just a peek at a few of my favorites!

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