May 20, 2014

WEDDING | Mike & Jessie (part one)

I cannot get over how wonderful the images were from Mike and Jessie's wedding day. It was SO hard for me to choose enough for the blog. I am doing something special; I probably will never do this again, but I am posting in two parts. Pre and post ceremony. I love the expressions on Jessie's face and the joy that Mike truly bring out in her. I love the simplicity of her dress and his tux but how they both create a beautiful juxtaposition against an elegant backdrop.

Let me first point out that it was feverishly down pouring during most of this photo shoot. Neither of them complained about it, and they almost encouraged taking risks and getting wet! I actually really love how wonderful some of them turned out with the umbrella too. I am so happy for both Mike and Jessie - Cheers!

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