August 17, 2014

PORTRAITS | Ben (One Year)

You probably all have a set of friends that you either grew up with, went to school with or met since then. You were extremely close but then life happens. You move away, you get married and in this case you have a baby. The best part about these types of friends is that no matter how long the distance between conversations, its like picking right back up. Meet Stacey, my dear friend from college. Stacey and her husband Jake got married in 2011 (September 3) and this year they will celebrate their 3 year anniversary. Last year just a few days before their anniversary, they had a wonderful gift named Ben. On Aug. 31, Ben will turn 3. Stacey and Jake were the first couple to hire me as their engagement photographer. They saw the potential that I had almost 4 years ago, and again they were sweet enough to ask me to take one year shots of Ben. He is such a happy baby which is evident in these pictures. We tried balloon, books and toys but the thing that made him the most excited was simply digging into his first taste of cake. I can't help but giggle looking through these images of his excitement. Happy one year and happy anniversary!

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